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50 Ways to Celebrate the Easter Season For the Faithful, Foodie and Funster!

Jesus is Risen!

On Easter Sunday we celebrated the resurrection of Christ and the gift of eternal life he offers to us through his sacrifice. The celebration liturgically does not end on Easter Sunday though, the celebration continues until Pentecost.

A lot of focus is dedicated to the 40 Days of Lent when we are called to fast, abstain and sacrifice. The same focus isn’t afforded the 50 Days of Easter! In fact, most people seem to maybe be on board for the Octave, which is Easter Sunday through Divine Mercy Sunday, but then people seem to think we are back into ordinary time.

In our culture of finding “fun” in our every day lives you would think people would be all over this Season, because it’s all about feasts! A more modern word for feast is celebration or party.

So put some thought into ways that you might celebrate these 50 days of Easter and the new you emerging from the fast, abstinence and sacrifice you offered during Lent.

Here are 50 Ideas that may resonate for you or someone you know!

  1. Listen to the entire book of the Acts of the Apostles here’s a link to one on You Tube.

  2. Change your cellphone background and or desktop background to reflect the resurrection.

  3. Change the cover photos on your social media pages to reflect you’re celebrating Easter.

  4. Create a personal resurrection playlist of songs or listen to this one on Spotify for free.

  5. Buy flowers every week to celebrate new life!

  6. Practice the Examen daily and here a few different options to fold it into your day.

  7. Spend some time in nature whether it’s at a park, beach or mountains.

  8. Do a nature walk or hike to celebrate God’s beauty around us.

  9. In alignment with Laudato Si on Earth Day pray for our world and the planet we live on.

  10. Make a resurrection garden made with wheat grass.

  11. Say the rosary everyday or on the days of the Glorious Mysteries every week.

  12. Spend time in Adoration the two first Friday’s of the Easter Season.

  13. Make a paschal candle in your own home and light it during meals and prayer time.

  14. Attend Mass for Divine Mercy Sunday and pray the Chaplet.

  15. Read Paul II: The Great Mercy Pope who had a great devotion to the Divine Mercy.

  16. Attend mass for Ascension Monday!

  17. Perform as many random acts of kindness as you can during the Easter Season.

  18. Reach out in person, online or old school snail mail to someone mourning a loved one.

  19. Think of ways to celebrate family and friends you appreciate.

  20. Clean the clutter to make room for God not stuff in your home and life!

  21. Host special Sunday Dinners during the Easter Season.

  22. Make Resurrection Rolls here is the recipe.

  23. Create memories by making Resurrection Cookies to share its meaning with kids.

  24. Feast on the foods that you enjoy as a sign of celebration of the resurrection.

  25. Think about what brings you “Joy” and do more of it!

  26. Begin each day joyfully thanking God for your Life.

  27. Place all your fears and worries into the hands of Jesus.

  28. Offer your suffering and disappointments in prayer for someone else.

  29. Forgive someone who is blocking the “joy” you so richly deserve do it for you not them.

  30. Read the Imitation of Christ.

  31. Do the Holy Spirit Novena.

  32. Pray the Liturgy of the Hours.

  33. Go on a daily 3-minute retreat.

  34. Throw a party and serve a Sleepy Resurrection as the signature cocktail.

  35. Drink the best coffee this side of heaven, Easter Sunrise Blend from Mystic Monks.

  36. Dance for the Lord or better yet, join the liturgical dancing group in your area.

  37. Attend a Christian Concert to praise the Lord among others outside of liturgy.

  38. Donate time, talent or treasure to your parish or a ministry that needs it.

  39. Pray for those who don’t know Jesus.

  40. Ask Jesus to provide an opportunity to share what he means to you with someone.

  41. Pray for the Confirmandi and kids receiving first Holy Communion.

  42. Find a Saint that is the patron of something you need - pray for their intersession.

  43. Find a spiritual director who can guide you through your journey.

  44. Start a prayer journal as a way to communicate with God.

  45. Attend Mass on Pentecost Sunday.

  46. Celebrate the fruits of the spirit in prayer and as a salad.

  47. Start a new Family Tradition make Pentecost Cupcakes.

  48. Wear red on Pentecost Sunday or add a pop of red to your dinner table.

  49. Thank the deacons, priests, nuns & pastors in your life for their vocation and dedication.

  50. End everyday joyfully thanking God for gifts, challenges and blessings of the day.

Happy Easter Season!

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