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Be True to Your School

Catholic Schools Week begins January 29th and I wanted to share some ideas and resources for you to create some engaging posts! This year’s theme is “Catholic Schools: Learn. Serve. Lead. Succeed.” Start with branding your posts with the official hashtag #CSW2018 to help it trend in social media during the week long celebration.

The first and best resource is the National Catholic Education Association (NCEA). Their website has a portal just for Catholic Schools Week that will make your job a lot easier by allowing you to download some awesome infographics heralding the merits of a Catholic school education. You can also find these graphics under the Catholic School Snaps tab under the Planning Tools menu. Posters are also available and downloadable for you to put up on campus to celebrate your school and Catholic School culture. My favorite is “A Dozen Reason to Choose Catholic Schools”.

You will also find a Daily Theme tab that helps you figure out what to post each day of the week:

  • Monday - Celebrating your parish

  • Tuesday - Celebrating your community

  • Wednesday - Celebrating the nation

  • Thursday - Celebrating vocations

  • Friday - Celebrating Faculty, Staff and Volunteers

  • Saturday - Celebrating Families

Personally we will be switching up which days we will focus on these themes and may add and delete some. You can do that too! Is your school celebrating an anniversary? Is a beloved teacher retiring? Is there a graduate that you can shine a spotlight on?

Additionally, the site shares opportunities for setting up donation pages and marketing your school’s uniqueness to boost enrollments. If you are old school and want to call for help here is the phone number (571) 257- 0010. Lastly, now that you have discovered NCEA, bookmark the page and read their blog!

My second suggestion would be Loyola Press they are sharing downloadable prayer cards in English and Spanish and articles for teachers to help them expand teaching on Catholic Identity.

Lastly, Sadlier publishing is also a great resource and provides daily activities that kids can do every day of Catholic Schools Week!

Hope these ideas help you to celebrate #CSW2018 wherever you are in the world.

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