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Hello, I'm Sherry!

Catholic Social Media

Consultant & Strategist

 Answering God's call to serve...

Developing Social Media Strategies for Dioceses, Parishes and Schools

We are called to share our unique gifts to glorify the Lord with our lives. For the past 6 years I have shared through my Church Social Tips branded content to help followers to harness the power of digital communications. My knowledge has been shared through social media, Catholic publication blogs and Catholic conferences. Working within the diocesan, parish and school environments has afforded me the opportunity to hone my strategies in realistic environments. 

Why Does your Church Need Social Media?

Are you following Pope Francis? If so, you are one of 6.5 million on his @franciscus Instagram page alone. If not, you are missing out! There are over three billion daily users of social media. Statistics show that the average person spends three hours and fifteen minutes communicating or consuming content through digital platforms. Like it or not people are more comfortable communicating via social media or digital portals of communication. Bishop Paul Tighe, Secretary of the Pontifical Council for Culture, during a 2014 episode of the Catholic Broadcast Network show InterNos, said it best “My nieces and nephews spend increasingly long hours of their lives in the digital arena. If the church isn’t present in a sufficiently sophisticated manner, then Christ is going to be missing from a huge aspect of their lives. So, for us, it’s about knowing: How do we engage people? How do we bring the presence of Christ into a different kind of environment”. In 2019 Bishop Robert Barron, who has been dubbed the Bishop of Catholic Social Media also calls upon church leaders to embrace digital communications. "Using this tool, which didn't exist even 10 years ago,we can now reach into their world ... We should invest a lot of time and money into getting really good people to work our social media. This person should be someone who can use the tool effectively... knows the culture, how to reach it, but also knows the Catholic tradition. In 2020 it's time to focus on how you can help your diocese, parish or school to develop a digital communications strategy.

About Me
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About Me:

I am a practicing Catholic at American Martyrs Catholic Community in Manhattan Beach, CA., where I use my time and talent as a lector, social media manager and other ministries. Sharing my knowledge of using social media to help others use it to practice digital discipleship, has afforded me the opportunity to travel throughout the United States and Australia for the last 6 years. Church Social Tips is my answer to the Pope's call to the laity to help to grow our church. Each day I use my talents for helping Catholics in leadership roles to harness the power of social media to inspire, inform and engage their parish family, friends and fallen away!

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